Original Alt-Latin

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Origins of the band's name

This band should win a prize for the most misspelled variations ever.  People have asked me for years what it means and I invent a new answer each time. Other people reckon that you shouldn't have a musical genre as part of your name (i.e. Great Funk Railroad weren't funky) However, Funkadelic were! You can never please everyone!

It all started when I went to the Fremantle Library and got out an album by pianist Bill Evans.  In it, there was a song called Funkallero.  At the time, I was putting a band together with my brother German and was obviously looking for a name.  I had written more than album's worth of music in Spanish, which I had never done before that (1998) because I was involved in original and experimental rock bands in Perth.  So I thought Funkalleros would be a good name for a Latin band that didn't play traditionally, but a more adventurous fusion of Latin, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and Pop.

The rest is history!

Mind you, I still come up with names for bands, it's fun!


I wrote a song based on the Funkallero theme, inspired by a sad traditional Puerto Rican tune called Teses de Curia, which had a "tumbao" figure played on a Puerto Rican tiple guitar.  The song was about a mother giving his dying child some sort of medicinal tea to make him better.  So I associated the word Funkallero with the downtrodden, desperate, poor but hopeful migrant that travels from place to place to make his life better and he ends up being a mix (in this case of Spanish and English)